Soybean meal is a by-product obtained after extraction of soybean oil. It is a kind of good feed purified additive for poultry and livestocks growing and disease resistant. Furthermore, it can also be used to exact natural pigment and various amino acid.With high protein, they are widely used in feeds industry, especial in shrimp breed aquatics, shrimps are grown well with this supplement.

Product: Soybean Meal
Grade: A
Protein: 46%min
Energy level : 325.5 K/CAL
Moisture: 10%max
Ash: 30%max
Fat: 10%max
Storage: stored in a cool, ventilated and dry place
Shelf life: 12 months
Packing: 25kg/50kg/bag,PP bags with PE liners.

Advantage of soybean meal:

-Easily absorbed and well used
-Prevent disease
-Improve the rate of feed utilization
-Promote growth

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