Olive Oil

Olive oil is a highly valuable and expensive oil and is well known for its health and medicinal benefits. It is prized primarily as it is the best and healthiest type of oil. Olive oil is considered good for the heart and it is primarily helpful in keeping the heart and arteries in shape. Frequently referred to in the Bible and other ancient historical texts, it is today high in demand because it is a healthier choice.

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Olive oil is widely regarded as the most beneficial and best of all the oils as it has immense health benefits. The Mediterranean people are known to have a longer life expectancy than people from other regions of the world and research has proved that olive oil has a major role to play in this as the it use has been proven to decrease the thickness of the arteries. The heart remains in good shape and form. It is said that the arteries of a centenarian in this region is equivalent to that of someone twenty years younger. This amply exemplifies the benefits of using olive oil over other edible oils. Olive oil contains mono-unsaturated fatty acids which are better for the heart and It does not contain saturated fats either.


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