Sunflower seed meal and rapeseed meal with high protein content manufactured by Thailand oil and fat industry are in favour at CIS and other global markets.

Sasiporn oil is one of Thailand leading manufacturers and exporters of toasted sunflower seed and rapeseed meals with high protein content for CIS, EU, Asian and Middle East markets.

– sunflower seed oil (refined sunflower oil deodorized, frozen) – 80,000 tons annually;
– sunflower seed oil (crude, unrefined, first grade) – 100,000 tons annually;
– rapeseed oil (unrefined, first grade) – 11,500 tons per July-September season;
– sunflower seed meal (toasted, with high protein content, in pellets) – 76,000 tons annually;
– rapeseed meal (toasted, with high protein content) – 14,500 tons per July-September season.

Terms of delivery – EXW Sasiporn oil  Extraction Plant, FCA Sasiporn oil  Extraction Plant, DAP border of Poland, Belarus, DAP, FOB Thailand sea ports.

Finished products may be shipped using the following transportation modes: road, railway including oil loading into flexi tank containers. Meal is loaded in 40ft containers installed on railway platform.

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