Sasiporn Oil is a modern enterprise, specializing in sunflower seeds and rapeseeds crushing.
The plant began its operation in December 2012, when the first stage of high-quality oil seeds and meals production was launched.
Sasiporn Oil is equipped with the specialized facilities of leading world producers. At the base of production processes of sunflower and rape seeds there is a pre-pressing – extraction technology scheme.
Quality indicators of production satisfy the requirements of state and world standards under security settings.
The main SasipornsOil purpose is a production of competitive products meeting all customers’ demands in domestic and foreign markets.
All production processes are fully automated. Using of modern software support allows to achieve an ease in operation, correctness in compliance with main process requirements, and exclude in full the human factor in production, which guarantees excellent quality and safety of produced products.
Continuous monitoring of production cycle and using of modern innovation technologies allows to prevent the raw, semi-finished and finished products from being potentially dangerous ones.
The plant was built according to all rules of environmental control and safe operation of the staff. Industrial emissions wastes, industrial discharge into the air are cleaned by special complex installation units of world manufacturers, thus avoiding the negative impact on the environment.

Warehousing and transport infrastructure of the enterprise includes a powerful elevator complex for raw materials storage, the silos-type facilities for meals and husks storage, bulk storage tanks, which allows to store up to 5,000 tons of oil at one time, road and rail transport interchanges, which allow to provide handling operations without failing.
Quality and safety control of incoming raw materials and processes of output as well as shipping of finished products are provided by a certified test laboratory, which is the part of the enterprise infrastructure.
Optimally matched equipment, introduction of modern technologies for the production of refined oils, crude oils and high-protein meals as well as using of non-waste production schemes allow to maximize the plant capacity with the lowest production losses.
The company has an effective personnel policy, the processes of management are run by professionals. One of the key factors of successful functioning of the company is continuous staff training.
Commercial department provides the successful enterprise operation, organizes transport and warehouse logistics, sales and delivery of finished products, filling both the domestic and foreign markets.
The second stage of manufacturing complex is planned to be constructed in the nearest future. It will allow to process such types of crops as soybeans, rapeseeds, sunflower seeds.

Reporting of the companies of the Group for the year 2020 confirmed by an independent auditor.

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